2018 UCI Road World Championships, News 1

Video: Höttinger Höll recon. Innsbruck last climb – brutal!

We tend not to believe when people say a climb is too steep to be ridden. And that’s what we’ve been hearing about Höttinger Höll, the last climb of the Men Elite World Championship race, the all the time. We decided to test it ourself and yes, it’s brutal!
Here our experience in Innsbruck on Thursday. It will be unpredictable, but our feeling is the 28% won’t make such a difference. The key point will be a couple of meters after, where a twisty up and down before the last downhill will be the perfect environment for those with more energy left.

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  • outdoorpace says: September 30, 2018 at 08:47

    Thumb to them!!

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